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Tryin to Get My Head Situated

So I woke up this mornin, a yawn an yawnin. I carried my ass to the bathroom to brush my grill and finna to make my ass some grub food for breakfast. Before I did that though I checked my celly. I saw that son had some voices from somebody, somewhere, so I listened to the shit. Turns out a brotha had three. They were from three different shorties. Damn. I shoulda left the tones on so they woulda woke my lazy ass up, but na' I ain't do that, so here I am left with some voices on my celly.

First chick was Vero, a bangin ass mexican mami from over in San Jose. I remember chillin with girl at the spot where Chedda was spinnin his joints. 'Good gracious, ass was bodacious.' That it was. She was like 5'1, sportin this cute little Baby Phat get up that showed off the good if you na'mean. We exchanged numbas and I bought girl some screw drivers. We talked for a minute and I cut out the spot. Got a lil' peck on the cheek though. So shit seemed promisin for me. Well she called hittin me up to see if I was finna to roll to any clubs this weekend or goin to one of the spots that Chedda spins at every weekend. Girl is a straight dime. Bet her momma is even a nickle.

Second honey was this black dime goin by the name of Shantie. She a little thick, but she up to par na'mean. Girl rockin a little bit more of the thug tip if you know what I'm sayin. Lookin like she straight out the hood, sportin J's and some Ecko Red. It was all good though. We was conversatin at some joint my friend was doin for a friend since he owed a favor to son. She was about 5'7, full lips, bangin ass, with curves to boot. I tell you, I was bout to roll up in that. Shorty was feelin son that much. But I aint tryin to hit everything that movie. Y'know? I got to take care mines first. So I got anotha number and gave one too. She called to see if a brotha wanted to go see Brown Suga since she aint seen it yet. I don't know when I'm finna to be in her area yet (510). But we'll see. Damn though, all girls wanna check that flick though, cause I already seen it twice with some other honies.

Third shorty was Krystal. She was asian. Had that whole cute feelin to her ass. Girl was lookin adorable. Wearin this blue, and pink get-up that matched perfectly. My head was swoll if you get the shit. I mean baby was bangin, thats legit, na'mean. Nothin was really off an poppin, but we reluctanty exchanged digits. Surprisingly girl called up wantin to chill for some food. I'm up with that. Her, a brother is definitely gonna call.

Somewhere in the middle of this though, a brother found himself in a dilemma. Somewhere in between tyin my tie or hoppin in the Platinum Silver 280, I started thinkin 'bout Carmen. I mean thas my girl. Thats my road dog, na'mean. She always been there for a brother. No matter what girl always had a brother's back. She may be in the southern part of Cali, but she still my boo. I got to get mines though even if we on hiatus. Girl been the only one to really get my heart. Only one to make a fool love.

Women be cause my mind to percolate, thinkin bout crazy shit, wonderin what the fuck a fool gon' do. I ain't know. But I figure I'll know soon enough. But my ass best be out to this 9 to 5 life since I got to get that money. Peace. One love.
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