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poppin_tags's Journal

Deuce Carter
25 December
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"Even in my absence my presence is felt."

Damn right it is son. When I'm not up in a spot, and I'm out on the streets in my ride, heads know whats up. I got connects, therefore, its like I got eyes in the back of a son's head. So no need to trip off of that. If you want to know what I do, no need to ask. I may be street, keepin it real on the down low for the heads, but I got a legit job gettin that dough, copin that major fetti for a large yay-area company if you know what I'm sayin. I may be street, but I ain't dumb. I gotta get this shit legit, so I don't end up in the pen.

Oh, on that note. I was curious, how the fuck does going to prison make you more of a thug? I figga it finna to make a brother look stupid cause son got caught in the first place. All thats sayin is that yo ass isn't up on the game, so you got hit by five-o. No need to front. So nah, I ain't never been behind bars. But whats that got to do with anything?

As far as my social life is concerned, when it comes to the shorties and the clubs, its off an poppin. My boy Chedda Wax always spinnin them tight jams makin the honeys shake those asses on those floors. I usually get in the clubs for free, gettin hook ups before anybody else. I got a shorty on the DL too, but y'all ain't know that, right? Aight, good, glad we got that straight.

I prefer to dress up in suits when it comes time for work, but late in the evenin its all about being sophisticated, classy, yet street. Nah, it aint no oxy-moron, its reality son. You too can acheive this if you pull yo head out yo ass. No one said you had to be a dick to be confident. Just do your thing. Don't be no gregarious, smart ass little fuck. Still though, I'm out ridin in my C280 '01 Mercedes on 20's. It's my lovely ride. I love that bitch as if it were a woman. No doubt.

Thats basically it. You got anything else to say. Hit a fool up. I got time, when time presents itself.