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Been A Long Time Comin'

It's been minute since I last updated this. What's up in this piece? You ain't know? I was chillin with that shorty I mentioned in my last entry, in the days of way back. That asian shorty. Act like you know. Honey was bangin. One day, I'ma post her photos up on this, but 'til that day comes, keep salivatin' at how bangin she be.

A week or so ago, we caught up and decided to grub on some food at this nice chinese food place- food is bangin, by the way- and I ain't think nothin was finna to happen, but to my surprise honey was feelin the game, the smile, the clothes, my steeze, and all that, y'know? So, after a few dates and some good down time at her casa, doin' that thug lovin', we decided that we should make this more of a permanent thing. It's weird, I ain't used to these feelins. Usually, a brother ain't tryin to fall in love or nothin, but I'm fallin fast for this dime. She's got everything a fool could ever need. I ain't gonna front. Damn... Like I said, 'act like you know.' Cause in these days in time, it isn't easy to find a fine ass woman who's down with a playa. It's even more difficult for a honey to get all my attention too, but boo is doin her thing, while keepin me enticed up in that. I can't deny it, with her, I'm set.
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